MRP Solutions LLC operates as a business, and we expect clients to understand and respect our policies. Our goal as a business consulting, web design, development and corporate branding company is to bring the highest value per dollar spent by our clients, and to help us in that pursuit, we need to cover expenses and fuel our operations. Therefore, we require payments to be on-time in respect to the services offered to our clients. We understand that sometimes “life happens” and you may need a refund on fees paid for services to MRP Solutions LLC. We try to be fair and create a policy that is a win-win for both parties. We will work with you to make you satisfied with our work. However, if a refund is requested and granted, all property created by MRP Solutions LLC including graphics, content, and code, will remain the property of MRP Solutions LLC. By signing up for our services you acknowledge that you have read and understand this Agreement and agree to be bound by its terms and conditions.

General Refund Policy Guidelines Web Design & Development: Web design and development projects require extensive resources, consumes our time, and incurs internal expenses. Therefore, once a payment or deposit is made, it is nonrefundable. Payments for custom design projects (i.e. custom logo designs and branding projects, full website designs, individual page mockups and smaller design components within a website, etc.) and custom development projects (i.e. php programming, WordPress CMS custom development, WordPress Plugin custom development, etc.) are made to us in increments as a courtesy to the client as well as discounted for those who agree to pay in full, but if a project gets cancelled, delayed or postponed by the client, then all monies paid will be retained by MRP Solutions LLC and if applicable, an additional cost will be charged to the client for all work completed beyond what was already paid for shall be paid by the client. All projects that are completed as defined as the scope of the work are non-refundable.

Website Maintenance: When adding new text and/or content to a page the client is responsible for providing all text (in digital format) and images/photos. Unused hours do not roll over to subsequent months No refunds are provided for unused hours. There are absolutely no refunds for any fees related to website maintenance services. Our annual support plans are dependent on the scope and size of a website and are quoted on an annual basis. Especially for websites that we did not initially build, website maintenance and upkeep require extensive upfront resources and time to learn the setup, framework, and specifics of a new client’s website, thus we require annual maintenance to be a paid in full yearly fee, unless determined otherwise.

Domain Names: All sales of domain names are final once a domain name has been transferred to the client’s account. Domain names sales require a payment in full before transferring the purchased domain name. Any invoice that is outstanding for more than fourteen (14) days may result in the suspension or termination of your account with us. Access to the account will not be restored until payment has been received. If you fail to pay the fees as specified herein, MRP Solutions LLC may suspend or terminate your account and pursue the collection costs incurred by MRP Solutions LLC, including without limitation, any arbitration and legal fees, and reasonable attorneys’ fees. MRP Solutions LLC will not activate new orders or activate new packages for customers who have an outstanding balance on their account.

Chargebacks: We will ask the client for credit card payment info so that we can charge the client’s card for services provided or we will send an invoice so that you can pay from your end. Claiming that you didn’t provide your card info or that you are not aware of such charges is illegal and fraudulent. If we receive a chargeback or payment dispute from a credit card company or bank, your service and/or project will be suspended without notice. A $50 chargeback fee (issued to recover fees passed on to us by the credit company), plus any outstanding balances accrued because of the chargeback(s) must be paid in full before service is restored, fees delivered, or any further work is done. Instead of issuing a chargeback, please contact us to address any billing issues. Requesting a chargeback or opening a dispute for a valid charge from us is fraud and is never an appropriate or legal means of obtaining a refund. Please read and make sure you fully understand our refund policy prior to making a payment.

How Refunds Are Processed: If you have paid using your credit card – the money will be transferred back to your credit card account within 30 business days after approval. If you paid using a check or money order, your refund will be returned to you by check

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